Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some CEOs have a big fall too

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner is still hanging in there, but there is some cleaning going on. Image from USAtoday.com

From Bloomberg.com: Removing CEOs
``There's the feeling that next to financial services, automotive execs are the dumbest people in the world,'' said Thomas Stallkamp, a former Chrysler president who worked at the car company when it received emergency government loans in 1980. ``There are probably some symbolic moves that somebody's going to ask for.''

From the Times on line today:
"George Davies is stepping down as chairman of Per Una, the phenomenally successful fashion brand he created for Marks & Spencer (M&S)."
"Carrefour, the world's second biggest retailer, sacked José Luis Duran as chief executive today after shareholders grew impatient with the slow pace of reform at the struggling French group."

From CNN
co-founder of Yahoo Jerry Yang will step down from the CEO slot.

From Networkworld.com
Symantec on Monday announced that chairman and CEO John Thompson is retiring

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