Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anti recession feast for two ($15, 5 minutes)

With all this talk about a big depression, I had a need for a little feast. Not much money does not have to be not much fun.

Candlelight dinner for two:

$ 7: unpeeled shrimps (here in GA in this season, you get a lot for that price). I heat moderately a spoon of olive oil in a pan, add a lot of garlic and a pinch of paprika (you may use some pepper if you prefer; this is not to be done with peeled shrimps of course, it would kill the taste), I throw in my shrimps and cover. Turn them over once. Cut the heat as soon as they are red, leave in covered pan.
$ 3: CA chardonnay Bay Bridge not too cold, excellent for the price.
$ 2 to 3: Two cups of jasmine rice served with half a lemon (If you have any, you may add a touch of saffron, but it is beautiful white). Or a pack of Traders Joe multigrain pilaf: it heats in its pack for two minutes in the microwave and it is splendidly flavored.

$ 1: a chocolate bar cut in two with a cup of good coffee or excellent tea.

And before you ask me, no I do not spend that much money every day, but I always eat well.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds delicious indeed!