Sunday, December 28, 2008

The claim of being honest

Newspapers claim they have to close doors, they "restructure", we all know what that means and still, they spend money to cover the president-elect taking a swim in Hawaii. I first thought it was ridiculous, then I realized that they are waiting for him to get killed. To be fair, that is what they expect when they follow President Bush in Texas too. The no-news today could turn into a national catastrophe at any moment: after all, President Roosevelt died in his Georgia little house. Well, ok then. How many people do you need on that kind of watch? More than two?

What irritates me even more is that, because these journalists are paid and there is nothing to say, I get coverage that enrages me, such as an analysis (in depth) of the political consequences of President-elect Obama going to swim without a shirt and tie. Gee, and you wonder why we do not want to buy newspapers anymore! What a loss for democracy!

On top of it all, there are reports that the President-elect tried to bribe journalists by offering them a beer. Mr Obama was unrepentant because he also offered them ice shavings. Come on! I understand why a journalist politely declines, but I find it unacceptable that a journalist would even think of mentioning it proudly ("none of us accepted") What am I supposed to believe? That the CNN guy who reported this proved to me how honest he is? For refusing a beer? On the contrary, it makes me anxious: I think the guy should be investigated by a district attorney back home.

There is nothing suspicious like claiming that you are so pure that you refused a beer. Either the pool of journalists comprises some very dishonest people or it shines with very stupid ones.
Or both.

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