Thursday, December 11, 2008

On a new verb: to bleep

- And bleep you too!

The bleeping has been started this week by Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. His report on the conversations of the Governor of Illinois was filled with "bleeps that were not bleeps". The press has not stopped bleeping since.

Disclosure: I might have occasionally let go of "merdre" if I inadvertently drop something in the house. I try to stay polite at all times, because I want to be a good example for my dogs. Merdre is the equivalent, I think, of "Shite!" an insult invented by the French surrealist author Alfred Jarry.But I think that from now on I might replace it by BLEEP when I get a bad moment.

That many bleeps is not a good sign. It was very disturbing to hear it in the White House in President Nixon's days. It says how much you are going to let yourself go, how much above the rules you are. Not a good sign at all.

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Anonymous said...

You have real talent with your caricatures! This one is hilarious:):)