Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something you don't know about Blagojevich

He did not have a father like mine. My dad used to pose me ethical questions all the time. It would start like: "Suppose that you are buying police cars for the city" or "Now you are the director of the Central Bank" and it would be about bribes and corruption. "You cannot take that gift from the car company, he would say, you have to ask for a better price for the city instead". And if I asked why, he would say:"Because it is tax money. The price of the gift has to be deduced from the price of the cars, because the city is paying for it." All the time, I got these problems to solve, and some of them were not easy at all.

The worst came when I started going out: my dad would drill my would be boyfriends as well and send me warning signals if they did not have the right answer. Most of them did not. Nevertheless, I was a tad ungrateful for the advice.

I am not saying that Blagojevich is not responsible for what he did: every adult is, and it is his own greed. I am just saying that if he had had a dad like mine, brazen he would not be: there is no way that you could deny knowing right from wrong in our home.

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