Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blinding views in the press

There are in the press a few things that I find really tiresome.

Bernard Madoff is ashamed. Really? At his age? After all these years?
It makes me think of "Nixon was just a political victim, everybody does that". People who say this are well intentioned, but they have never listened to the tapes.

A.I.G. Planning Huge Bonuses NOT AGAIN?

If we do not do anything, the economy will recover by itself. Well, yeah, it is like you pollute an estuary, you still have crabs: "mother nature takes care of herself". And five millions unemployed? It is "the price we pay" for progress?

Museums (ruined by the economy and some just by Madoff) have to sell works of art to survive. If that is all the imagination they have, it is time to fire their CEOs. The New York State Legislature had apparently the same feeling, because they just introduced a new bill to prevent that. See in the NYTimes here an excellent paper by ROBIN POGREBIN. It made me want to meet Richard L. Brodsky who drafted the bill, and it is not very often that I want to meet a politician! I wish legislation like this would appear in every State.

I see that our senators are all excited by "Financial literacy". I am all for it. Who do you think will teach us? The broker or the banker?

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