Friday, August 21, 2009

For an actor, what is the worst that could happen?

I have been wrong for fifty years: I thought the worst that can happen to an actor is to go undiscovered. I was wrong.
The worst that can happen is to be a good actor playing a would-be writer in a dingy apartment in Queens after 9/11. IF
IF in the next scene, they will show 60 years old Meryl Streep in Paris at noon time, making love with enthusiasm to a bald husband.
I know how the actors
Amy Adams and Chris Messina must feel: I was once sitting on a panel with the best people in my field, and I felt like an insect squeezed in the pages of a dictionary.
If you have not seen Julie and Julia yet, race to see it. It may not be the best movie you will ever see, plus it is about Julia Child and yet misses the point of French cuisine, but Meryl Streep will amaze, uplift and enchant you in one of the best performances you will ever see.
Don't miss this.

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Cerulean Bill said...

My wife's sister told her it was a very funny movie, so we went. It wasn't. But she didn't say that it was a very gentle, comfortable movie that would delight me, and it was. So I guess we're even.