Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Journalist of the month: Borzou Daragahi

Libya's coup: Turning militants against Al Qaeda
This is the first encouraging paper about terrorism in a long long time. As a Pulitzer finalist, Mr Daraghi does not need the congratulations of my little blog, but this is a fine paper indeed. It baffled me.
Moreover, the Los Angeles Times is one of the best papers in the world for international politics:it is about time I nominate one of their great journalists with this heartfelt thank you.
I did not know that Libya was making any effort of that kind. Seen from here, many countries seem a bit apathetic regarding terrorism, just like for the Israel-Palestinian conflict: it is complicated, and there are people very active at taking advantage of it. People and politicians who thrive in wounds, like fly larvae.

So today, some good news. I needed that.

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