Monday, February 28, 2011

The misery of Charlie Sheen

I have no interest in Charlie Sheen at all, I have never seen him play (sorry, Charlie) and I do not want to. But I resent the way he is treated by his friends in general and ABC in particular. It is obvious that Sheen is suffering some sort of manic episode: it is therefore easy to get interviews from a man who hardly knows what he says.
Suppose he has a physical problem instead of a head problem, say leper, this is the equivalent of telling him: "Show your fingers, Charlie, the public wants to know if they will fall off."
Good for ratings? Maybe, but what about basic standards of ethics?

The View had this morning a friend of Charlie explaining that Charlie has withdrawal problems: the friend is an hypocrite, he was the first to interview him!
They used to have interviews of Nick Nolte when he was at the peak of his glory and at the peak of his bad days. Now nobody cares how he lives or die.
This is not a decent way of treating human beings.

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