Friday, November 25, 2011

Smart gifts for older parents

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Amongst all the many gifts I get from my daughter and her hubby that I appreciate most are these precious not-overly-expensive and very smart yearly gifts. These are things I really appreciate, even if I would not have thought of buying them for myself, so here is my top list.

1. A cell phone for emergencies ($10.00/month). I hate the thing, but if I get lost or if I get stranded with my old car, it is obviously very practical to be able to call. It gives me a great sense of security.

2. A AAA membership card ($ 66.00). I got an old car (it is a car, by the way, that they gave me), so about once a year, I get stranded and the card becomes a great gift: it makes it so easy to know what to do, plus they care about your security, which is good to know. The card has also discount advantages.

3. A teeth cleaning gift card (about $60.00 to 100.00). Bad teeth can create arterial lesions and give old people heart disease, so it is a good incentive and a very smart gift!

4. Dog and cat food. It is expensive on a small budget: sometimes it costs more to feed them than to feed yourself, so a gift for them is really appreciated!

5. A Walmart gift card.

6. A movie gift card.  Suppose your parents don't go to the movies, but they won't want to lose the gift: it will do them good.

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