Monday, July 8, 2013

Privacy is dead anyway

Privacy is a thing of the past. Other people can follow your credits cards, track your cell phone and study what you buy, what your read, what words you search on your computer: they know everything about you. The banks, Google, Microsoft and plenty others share or sell everything about you to what they call their "partners." Anybody can snatch your DNA, I bet that the health insurances will soon pay PIs to get it.
If your computer is like mine, it is attacked over 100 times a day by Chinese IP addresses. I am smart enough to understand that the offenders don't all come from China, but I bet they are not all Americans either. I wish I had a small electronic flag saying "Leave me alone, I am just an old woman without money."
Pretty soon, we will all be written down in a big health data bank, not because the government wants it, but because it makes sense. And as soon as it will be in working order, a thousand people will break in, because breaking in has become a game.
Every darn business and every darn thief knows everything about you, and you want to fight some government intrusion? Why? What makes the government worse than your bank, Google and Microsoft? 
Of course old women like me have no secrets, so I don't mind. But I see the real danger when one political party learns too much about the other side: it will be the end of democracy when it happens. And it will happen, because it is tempting. How we can avoid it, I don't know. It is the most important political problem of this century.

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