Friday, November 7, 2008

Journalists, dear pundits, keep your flies up!

What is all this talk about Sarah Palin? What she knows about Africa and how many skirts she bought? Do I have to listen to that for 24 hours? Enough already: how do you justify that this is "news"? I did not even think that miss Lowinsky skirts were news. I just looked at a bunch of old CNN journalists discussing Mrs Palin's wardrobe, and I got so irritated that this image came to my mind:Sarah and the old pundits.

Let it go, give me news, and I mean information. That should be your job. Give us information instead of repeating what everybody says. This is lower than the Enquirer.
Mrs Palin will come out of this or she wont. Leave it alone and tell me more about Detroit.

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