Friday, November 7, 2008

Rahm Emanuel chief of staff

I am surprised by the lack of good sense of many comments about this nomination, and believe me, I am old enough to appreciate what is good in both political wings.
As chief of staff, even in a very small administration, you want somebody who knows people and who knows how things work.

- a newcomer. for efficiency reasons
- a bi-partisan or a neutral person : you would not accomplish anything. On the contrary, you want somebody who will have your back: there are enough traitors on the hill as it is. There are many positions where it would be nice to see Republicans. Chief of staff is not one of them.
- a pleaser. I have been a pleaser many many years, I can tell you it makes it hard to be successful and to accomplish what you want.

Come on! If you ever had a staff of any kind, tell me who you did hire at the top? Somebody who loved compromises?
These comments are more than absurd, I find them bizarre, bizarre...

A friend asked me if I would defend Larry Summers too. I would not trust him with anything at all. The racist, misogynist ex-president of Harvard? How can you think the man has any sense at all? Maybe he should take a job as an apprentice of Joe the Plumber.

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