Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do not tell God what to do

I was puzzled today. I usually follow the very slow progress of teaching evolution in our school system, and I found this despaired comment: "Somehow, we have a system that gives flaming incompetents this kind of power — that we willingly hand over important decisions about the education of our children to people who aren't qualified ..."from PZ Myers on his blog. You do not have to be an educator to be on the board of education: it is the idea and it is a good idea. However, positions on any board of education are not well advertised and not very interesting, because there is so much pure administration: there is no wonder that many people who get there have an agenda of their own. And frankly, they are not well educated, so they do not know what is a good education. I must say, however, that contrary to my fellow scientists, I resent much more creationists for trying to tell God what to do and how to do it than for misunderstanding the science behind evolution.
It is worth maybe having a second look at that system of boards of education: maybe just making it more attractive would do the trick.

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