Thursday, March 19, 2009

The other side of President Bush

I spent the years under President Bush more baffled than anything else: most of the time it was not clear to me how what he decided would help us, for instance despising European countries, delaying any decision about climate change, listening to conversations of American citizens, promoting "preventing wars": you name it, there was always something bizarre in what he did, something slightly "off", when it was not outright wrong..It left me with an impression of the man that was not satisfying. I thought he lacked judgement,sensitivity, good sense, and that most of his thinking was done by other people.
Well, I was wrong: since he left office, I have seen a very elegant side of the ex-president. He did his best to facilitate power transfer, refused to talk against president Obama, and there are moments when sweet petty revenge must be tempting. He said that he was moved by the emotion of people when President Obama was elected: it shows a heart that I had not seen before. And he refused to pardon Scooter Libby, which showed a personal backbone that I did not think he had.
Plus this: anybody who says he loves his country more than politics wins my heart.
So there is a good chance that the poorly rated president Bush will make a great ex-President. He would not be the first: Carter achieved that.
I am crossing my fingers.

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