Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is the excuse this time?

My neighbor is born in Claxton, a very small rural community in Georgia. This is a recent picture of hers: she is 93 years old and used to make a living as a hairdresser. She comes from a baptist very religious background, still goes to a nearby church every Sunday. She is a firm Republican.
1) Whatever GA was 100 years ago, there is not a hint of racism in her.
2) She says that gay people should be left in peace because it is not their fault and it is nobody's business anyway.
3) She feels that you got to respect your country and your government, even if you disagree with the president.

And I wonder from under which rock crawled these guys who say that President Obama is Satan, that we should not teach in school the real age of the earth and that it is "dangerous" to announce that we want to treat other countries with respect!


Amanda said...

They're a bunch of lunatics. Or some of them are lunatics and the rest aren't intelligent enough to NOT follow the lunatics. I tell you, I don't understand, and being a Georgian, a Baptist, and a practical Republican, considering Libertarianism has been a lost cause through my lifetime- and yours, they embarrass me. I'm all about reasonableness and ignoring people who are not reasonable, but when people assume that I'm like that, honestly, I usually fail at ignoring it and I'm kinda just- embarrassed.

There are plenty of loonies on the other side, too: PETA, "militant feminists", the church of Obama, but well, they're not southern Baptist conservatives. They aren't my loonies.

You are quite right there is no excuse for hatred and ignorance. These are not necessary qualities for these people.

Claude Lambert said...

Amanda, You are a peach!