Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Abortion, abortion!

1. This society is in denial: the fact is that a lot of people do not want to have children and do not like children. The women in these couples get pregnant anyways. It is awful, but it is a fact of life. You prevent abortion, the kid will suffer. Proof? (a) Despite the wonderful efforts and pressures from the anti-abortionists groups, there is a million of neglected and abused children in this country every year. If God prefers one million long-suffering victims to abortion, it is a bizarre God. (b) Every day three children are killed, a good proportion by their own parents.(c) Being pregnant is a major cause of the murder of women committed by their partner.

2. I do not understand why one would kill a doctor to defend life. The reasoning is flaky. Why not start with killing all the guys who abandon their pregnant girlfriend, and all the people who practice incest, and all the guys guilty of rape (about 200,000 a year). Then maybe the anti-abortionists could consider killing all the parents who do not pay child support. I bet we would have less abortions then.

3 The whole debate rakes of hypocrisy: we call pro-choice people who quite often think that they have no choice, and pro-life people who often do not care about the life of children, as long as they are born.

Just in case you wonder about me, I was at the opposite of the problem: found it hard to get pregnant. I would be a happy octoplet mom nowadays, if I had had the hormones for it, the money for it, and the partner for it. But I fell short on these three conditions.


Anonymous said...

So fancy.

I like fancy.

"Chris is Starving!"

Anonymous said...

The choice is whether or not to have sex. It all comes down to responsibility. If you aren't willing to accept the responsibility, then don't take the action that may have consequences. Our choices have consequences.

Claude Lambert said...

Yes, you are right, but moralizing has little effect on the million bad parents around you. They do not take the responsibility you call for, children suffer. I am concerned here about the children.

Kit said...

Wow- black is white, up is down and murdering the unborn is protecting
Abortion has been legal since the early 70's - no child alive today was born in a time that abortion was NOT a legal option.
So given the theory that abortion prevents abuse, you'd think that abuse would be over- or at least that we'd see a dramatic drop in child abuse, especially when comparing states that have an easier access compared to those which have limited access to abortion clinics.
Yet- we have a RISE in child abuse.
Perhaps abortion doesn't solve child abuse.

Claude Lambert said...

You are right Kit, though there would have been more abortions if there had been less pro-life pressure.
I guess we live in a culture of discarding and despising what bothers us (kids, dogs, old parents)...
I wrote this post in the context of the killing of a medical abortion doctor, not in answer to all the evil around here. It irritates me that so many sanctimonious idiots care so little about the fate of children,

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Claude. The fate of a child and his quality of life is crucial. I can't imagine how forcing every unwanted child to be born does anything to solve any moral issue existing on our planet, such as overpopulation, the environment, and the proper raising of a child.

Anonymous said...

I think I would feel better about the killing of the rapist, deadbeat dads, and the child abusers than the killing of innocents.

Claude Lambert said...

YEP! Nobody likes abortion, including me. And I never met anybody who liked it. The real question is: what do we about the million innocent presently abused in the United States? Why do we have such a large number of victims? I think it is partly due to an entitlement civilization (nothing can bother us) and partly a system based on hypocrisy.
Why do we promote a "pro life"credo which has appalling results? What do you propose?

Kit said...

Legalize MALE abortion-
require a woman to notify the putative father/s during her pregnancy, and give the putative father/s 90 days to file a Refusal of Parenting Rights and Responsibilities.

He gets reproductive control equal to hers- a choice DURING the pregnancy. She gets information she needs when she needs it- will she have financial support for the child or not - before the birth has taken place - no more unwanted children.

No more motivation for hiding a pregnancy from a man one fears - he doesn't want responsibility, he doesn't have it.

No more motivation for 'accidentally on purpose' pregnancies - the child will only be born to a parent or parents who WANT that child.

True equality.

And the argument that she has to carry the child in HER body and is therefore entitled to decide whether or not he has to support a child makes no more sense than declaring that he should pay for her plastic surgery - her body, her choice, right ?

If a child is truly better off aborted before being born into a life of poverty and potential abuse, then sure that child is better off being born to one loving parent rather than two parents who resent one another and are at odds over the child's very existence.