Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael's Jackson's money

Nobody has said yet what i think about Michael's untimely death. I just think: "another famous black guy who dies without a cent"
It is hard enough for each of us to spend wisely the little money we have, it is extremely hard to handle tens of millions and hundreds of millions when you have no financial education. Agatha Christie had that problem, I remember her saying that there was a moment when the money ceases to be pleasant enough to get and becomes a real hassle.
Michael Caine recently said that when he told his mother that he was earning one million pounds per film, she asked "How much is that?"

Sportsmen are supposed to have some financial education, though sometimes you wonder: I remember baseball player Ricky Henderson who framed a check of one million dollars and let it hang on his wall instead of endorsing it.

Usually it is less funny: very friendly sharks will steal the money from under your feet.
You get talented kids? Send them first to a business school.

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