Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't laugh and drive

Imagine that your zygomatic muscles hurt, your lung volume diminishes suddenly, your airways are compressed,  your diaphragm becomes rigid and your toes curl up of pleasure instead of quietly apply pressure on the brake pedal. Is it dangerous to laugh and drive? Certainly.
Yet, I cant find statistics of accidents caused by laughing, which indicates that more people take drugs, drink and use their cell phone while driving than actually have a good laugh.
Lucky them, I am risking my laugh, sorry my life, daily. Yesterday I almost bumped into a bus: it had an ad for a local lawyer: "a real lawyer" said the ad.
A real lawyer: I keep wondering about the "real lemon", "real eggs", "real meat" in the grocery store. A "real lawyer", what can I say? It is cheesy, no?

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