Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Did you know Churchill was a Saint?

Image from the dailymail.co.uk and a paper from Beth Hale, 15th June 2010

I confess, I confess, I smiled when I found a site called WinstonChurchill.org this morning, very intent at proving that Winston did not smoke, did not drink, did not stutter, and that his father did not die from syphillis. I bet that next, they are going to prove that Churchill did not try to eliminate the civilian population of Mannheim. The members of that venerable institution are sure much younger than me, because it is not at all how I remember Churchill. 
We all admired Churchill. I got my first glass of champagne the day our street became "avenue Winston Churchill": my father decided that we had to celebrate. But we had no need of changing his image, we liked our heroes with flaws.
It is all about image nowadays, which is probably why the famous cigar was airbrushed from the picture in front of the Winston Churchill's Britain At War Experience  museum in London. Well, go ahead! I have seen already poor Presidents Kennedy and Reagan sanctified, do it with Winston too!
There is no flesh left on our heroes, that is why American children are not interested in history.
I never smoked, but this makes me feel like going out and buying a cigar. Romeo y Julieta was Churchill's favorite.

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