Monday, July 18, 2011

Snorting bath salts?

How come so many people have a hard time getting high? I get high reading a good book or watching a raccoon. In fact I am feeling high most of the day. One must be pretty desperately bored with life to snort bath salts. I just read an article about this in the New York Times.
And so many people seem to have no sense of self-preservation: I would not take an aspirin without looking up "aspirin side effects" on google. I trust doctors, yes, but I still double check any medication they prescribe to me. Nobody cares as much about your life as you do, and there is a risk with any medication. So, bath salts? Stuff you buy on the street from people who know nothing of chemistry? How one can trust a dealer just passes my comprehension.
But then, I am just an old woman. A happy old woman.

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