Monday, July 14, 2014

The very young Lorin Maazel

I remember very well Maazel in 1960. He was quite a revolution: he did not direct like anybody else, dressed like anybody else or even saluted the crowd like anybody else. He came to Brussels to direct Shostakovich, I think, and was an object of curiosity before becoming a subject of admiration. He represented a new generation of unconventional conductors.
My father-in-law said that he directed as if he was holding a submachine gun instead of a baton. I never forgot that because it was so true! The first thing you noticed was his high level of energy and total lack of "classic" gestures, especially if you had admired before very old chefs like Bruno Walter who could direct with one index and nevertheless obtain great music.
I imagine Maazel is now in charge of religious music in paradise, young again, and I can't help smiling. What a sound, hey!
We'll meet again, Sir.

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