Friday, October 24, 2008

Cyrano and senator McCain

I used to like Senator McCain a lot, not for his politics but for his soul. He had a refreshing way of speaking, as opposed to so many politicians who talk without saying anything (this is called in French "la langue de bois", wooden tongue as in "with a forked tongue"). And it did not matter to him if what he said was disliked by his political allies or just unpopular. I thought Senator McCain was "one of the good guys". To me, he was like Cyrano, a proud honest guy who would not make concessions and get dirt on his knees.
Well, he changed. In his bid for the White House, he made concessions to people with whom he deeply disagrees, betrayed some friends or allies like President Bush (remember the primaries?), and he crossed the line between extending the interpretation of the truth and lying without remorse. He goes on and on with arguments that are not true, just because he thinks it might work. What a fall! How prompt we are at deceiving ourselves!
I am disappointed. It is painful to me to see a hero showing his dark side at over 70 years old. And it frightens me. I dearly hope it will not happen to me. One never knows.

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