Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome back, American dream!

This was the comment of an Italian lady for ABC this morning: "Welcome back, American dream!"
The message remarkably summarizes how Europeans reacted to the election. BBC news even talked about the "messianic" quality of this election. I got emails congratulating me from my European friends (as if suddenly they forgave me for living in the USA!)
As you probably heard, the reputation of America was not at his top level for the last decades. It is significant that it all changed back in a few seconds. I doubt that many Europeans felt like this after a careful examination of the democratic platform, it has nothing to do with the contents.
It is the symbolism of it all. A young President rising from poverty and adverse personal circomstances. A President of mixed race. A President with a dream, talking like and referring to Lincoln.
Well, this is what I think: do not ever underestimate this country.

Welcome back, American dream.

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