Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dealing with new news

Gov. Sanford, Michael Jackson and troops out of Irak...What do they have in common? They fill the news and then they disappear from the news, as soon as all the juice has been extracted by CNN et al. As one says in French: "Un clou chasse l'autre", that is one nail drives another or more clearly: life goes on.
I have a guess that Gov. Sanford must be one rare happy person about the death of Jackson: it got him off the hook. We got hours and hours and unrequited hours on his confession and his exotic mistress, and then blink! Down to zero. Hours and hours on Jackson. They almost forgot the news from Irak.
Obviously there is no relationship between time on the news and importance of the event. It is all about the perception of how much audience you can get.

I PLEAD GUILTY too: I had completely forgotten about Al Franken. Got a breaking news alert from the New York Times and the Washington Post today telling me that he has won the election. When was the election?
Last year.
How could I forget about Al Franken so fast?

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