Thursday, July 2, 2009

The romantic governor Sanford

I was wrong: the lovestruck Governor came back in the news.
I was not impressed when he refused the help of the federal government for his state: the first part of it was fine, honest post-Bush Republican worry about the national debt. The second part: how he was going to deal with South Carolina's problems was totally absent. So, I thought he was not presidential material: either he was unprepared, or he lacked the drive to keep himself informed on unemployment and to take a positive action.
Shortly after that, he disappeared into a lovenest, which is, in my opinion, a problem between his wife and himself, not between the electors and the press.
The only problem I have is that he cannot stop talking. It is hard enough to have your husband saying that another woman is your soul mate, but to say that you are trying to fall back in love with your wife is adding insult to injury.
You think it would stop there. It does not. My guess is that Governor Sanford keeps talking because it is the only way he is still in touch with the woman he loves. So now we are told that he has a book deal? Chucks, it is only on fiscal conservatism, and it fell through. What about how he sacrificed his true love for his constituents?
I am sure his wife would like the book. He is adding a book deal to insult to injury ? To be called a "magnificent Christian woman", under the circumstances, would not cut it for me, I would feel that it means I am sowehow a good person, not a very attractive one.

Many a wife is left wondering how come she never saw that her husband was a prick.

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